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How To Become A Real Estate Agent In The USA

The exam format follows multiple choice method. But the number of the questions may vary from one state to another state. There are variation in the allotted time too. When you are successfully pass through the exams, then you have to submit an application for the real estate license. There you have to show your exam papers, fees of the exams and other documents if required at real estate agency of your state.


Once you get the approval of your application, your state then give you the real estate certificate by mail. After that, you will find your name at the “Licensees List”. You can search your name at the website. Are you feeling good? Wait! You are not a real estate agent yet! Until you are not getting your real estate license issued by the real estate agency of your state, you cannot start work as a real estate agent in the USA.


04 Consider to be a relator

Many people cannot differ between a real estate agent and a relator. Though a real estate agent and a relator both has the license for work through helping buyers and sellers on the real estate transaction process, all real estate agent are then not equivalent to a relator. To become a relator, you must be enrolled in NAR. NAR is stands for “National Association for Relator.” NAR has its own strict ethics. In the residential and commercial real estate industries, NAR is the largest trade association consisting many salesperson, brokers, property managers, counselors, appraisers and others.

How to Marketing in Real Estate

So it is clear that membership of NAR gives you a lot of advantages. Being a relator, you are valued at the real estate market as showing your relator business card. Moreover, being a relator, you will have the access of business tools, educational opportunities, real estate market data, discount programs and so on.

05 Join in a real estate brokerage to become a real estate agent in the USA

At the last stage of your journey, you have to go a little far. To become a real estate agent in the USA you are compelled to work under the supervision of a recognize real estate broker. Carefully join in a good real estate brokerage. Because, it might be your turning point to start your career from here as a real estate agent in the USA. So, choose it wisely. While you choose a brokerage, then keep in mind some important point that- the brokerage has licensed broker who would supervise you, they maintain a legal and ethical standard, their payment and commission system etc. After finishing your supervision time you could apply for the real estate broker but it will be wise as work for that brokerage so that you can earn a strong experience there for at least few years.


It is not so easy to become a real estate agent in the USA. Before come to the real estate industry, ask yourself about the job, profit and most importantly ask about the career growth. Here I am finishing my lines by saying you a famous line for the best wishes to your real estate career.

There is no magic bullet. It is about working hard and having the right types of market exposure.”

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