EXIM Bank Exam Question Solution 2020

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EXIM Bank Limited Today take an MCQ exam for the post of Management Trainee Officer (MTO), Trainee Officer, Trainee Assistant Officer (Cash), Every applicant can see their job exam question solution here and can remark his right and wrong answer.

EXIM Bank Exam Question Solution 2020

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EXIM Bank Exam Question Solution 2020

Post Name:

1. Management Trainee Officer (MTO)

2. Trainee Officer

3. Trainee Assistant Officer (Cash)
Exam Date: 10 January 2020

Exam Time: 10.00 AM

Exam Type: MCQ + Written

Exam Taker: IBA

১. Ans: b 

২. Ans: a


৪. Ans: b 

৫. Ans: b 

Opposite meaning:

৬. Embrace – Reject

৭. Provoke – Encourage

৮. enormous -tiny

৯. Relinquish -Posses

১০. Gloomy – Bright

১১. Jerry visits the doctor off and on. Ans: occasionally

১২. I have a bone to pick with Mita in this matter. Ans: Am angry

১৩. There was no opposition to the new policy by the rank and file of the Government.

Ans: the ordinary members

১৪. The president of the club believes in the policy of making hay while the sun shines.

Ans: making the best use of a favorable situation

১৫. The new king did not take after his father. Ans: resemble






21. Sp: CP= 7:9

CP= 675/7 *9= 867.86 tk

Loss= 867.86-810= 57.86 tk

Loss percentage= 57.86/867.86 *100=6.67%

Ans: None

22. Total value = 3*P= 3p

Third number= 3p-r-s

23. Two number be x and y

X+y= 100—1

1/x +1/y= 1/21

=> x+y= xy/21—-2

Xy= 21*100

=> xy= 2100

Two numbers = 70,30

Difference = 40

24. Tanvir has= 450*(1/2) + 500= 725 tk

He gives his brother= 450*(1/2) * 46/100 + 500*54/100=103.5+280= 383.5 tk

Required ans= 725-383.5= 341.5 tk

25. Let three number be x, x+2, x+4

X+x+2= 166

=> 2x= 164

=> x= 82

Second number= 82+2= 84

26. Speed ratio= 10:9

Time ratio= 9:10

(10-9)= 1 part= 2.5 hour

9 part= 22.5 hr

Required ans= 315/22.5= 14 km/ hr

27. Let bike traveled be y to z = 24 km

So bike traveled to x to y= 24*2= 48 km

Total distance= 72 km

Oil required= 24/24 + 48/16= 4 gallon

Required ans= 72/4= 18 km/ gallon

28. New output= 100*112/100 * 125/100= 140

Required ans= 40/140 *100= 28.57%

29. HCM of 66,88 and 110 is= 22

Required ans= 66/22 + 88/22 + 110/22= 12

30. Number be x

2x+30= 4x

=> x= 15

Required ans= 45

31. US : Bang= 5:2= 5*5: 2*5= 25:10

Bang : British = 5:1= 5*2 : 1*2= 10:2

Us: British = 25:2

32. Six year ago bulbul was x years old

Anika was= Px years old


Px+6= 17

=> Px= 11

=> x= 11/p

Required ans= 11/p +6

33. Per day consumed= 39/6= 6.5 pounds

91 pounds consumed in= 91/6.5= 14 days

Required ans= 14-6= 8 days

34. 2(n+3)

If Any positive number is multiplied by even number, the result must be even.

(35,36,37) questions are not clearly visible.

38. Total capacity= 30/1 *3*2= 180 leter

39. 64*48= 24*x

=> x= 128

Perimeter = 2(128+24)= 304 meter.


40. D

41. A

42. C

43. D

44. A & E both

৪৫.  Which of the following is not a component of CAMELS rating of financial institutions? Ans: Market Risk

৪৬. When is international cooperative Day celebrated? Ans: First Saturday of July 

৪৭. Center of integrated Rural Development for Asia and Pacific (CIRDAP) was established in which year?

Ans: 1979

৪৮. In our National Parliament, whose vote is known as the “casting vote”?Ans: Speaker’s Vote

৪৯. Which area in an excel window shows the input values and formula. Ans: Formula Bar

৫০. According to the constitution of Bangladesh what is the minimum age of become the speaker of the parliament? Ans: 25 Years

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