Combined 2 Bank Officer Written Exam Question Solution 2020

Combined 2 Bank Officer Written Exam Question Solution 2020, Rupali and Janata Bank Officer Written Exam Question Solution 2020, Bank written exam question solution 2020, Combined 2 Bank job exam question full solution 2020.

Rupali and Janata Bank today take a written exam for the post of Officer. Every Examinee can see their written exam question full solution here.

Combined 2 Bank Officer Written Exam Question Solution 2020

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Combined 2 Bank Officer Written Exam Question Solution 2020

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  • Post name: Officer
  • Exam Type: Written
  • Exam date: 23-01-2020
  • Full solution is ongoing, stay with us to get here full solution

1. A can do a piece of work in 12 days, while B alone can do it in 15 days, with the help of C they can finish it in 5 days. If they are paid Tk. 960 for the whole work, what is the share of A?

Ans: Tk.400

2. A box contains 6 bottles of variety 1 drink, 3 bottles of variety 2 drink and 4 bottles of variety 3 drink. Three bottles of them are drawn at random, what is the probability that the three are not of the same variety.

Ans: 261/286  (Website Ans: 833/858)

3. A tank is filled by three pipes with uniform flow. The first two pipes operating simultaneously fill the tank in the same time during which the tank is filled by the third pipe alone. The second pipe fills the tank 5 hours faster than the first pipe and 4 hours slower than the third pipe. The time required by the second and third pipe can fill a tank together?

Ans: 3 hrs 45 minutes

4. If x^24 + 1 / x^12 = 7 then the value of x^72 + 1 / x^36 is:

Ans: 322

5. There is a tree between houses of A and B. If the tree leans on A’s House, the tree top rests on his window which is 12 m from ground. If the tree leans on B’s House, the tree top rests on his window which is 9 m from ground. If the height of the tree is 15 m, what is distance between A’s and B’s house?

Ans: 21

৬. A landscape architect is designing a rectangular flowerbed to be border with 28 Plants that are placed 1 m apart. He needs an inner rectangular space in the center for plants that must be 1 m From the border of the bed and that require 24 square meter for planting. What should the overall dimensions of the flowerbed be?

Ans: 6 

৭. Chandan and Dewan play a game in which the loser of each round gives one half of his marbles to the other player. They start out with 4C and 4D marbles respectively. If Chandan wins the first round and Dewan wins the second round, how many marbles does Dewan have at the end of the second round?

Ans: 2C+3D

The Circular was:


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