Bangladesh Brides Authority Exam question full solution 2020

Bangladesh Brides Authority Exam question full solution 2020, BBA MCQ exam question solution 2020, BBA exam question solution 2020,. BBA exam question and Full solution 2020, Question and solution 2020. 

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Bangladesh Brides Authority Exam question full solution 2020

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Bangladesh Brides Authority Exam question full solution 2020

Post name: Assistant Director

Exam date: 09-10-2020

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ইংরেজি অংশ সমাধানঃ 

Identity the missing word in each of the following

১. Facing sharp increase in fuel prices, The bus drivers decided to go on a strike. 

উত্তরঃ No word is missing 

২. There are pertinent issues that need to be raised at the faculty meeting tomorrow. 

উত্তরঃ  few 

৩. It’s a commonly misconception that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. 

উত্তরঃ No word is missing 

৪. Number of people at the event was quite surprising as it had been raining heavily

উত্তরঃ The 

৫. Will the drought have effect on the rice production this year?

উত্তরঃ any 

For each question, select the word / phrase that appropriately fills in the gap

৬. The police did not want to —— the investigation and thus focused on collecting as much evidence as possible. 

উত্তরঃ prejudiced  

৭. ———–, I can help you in this situation.  

উত্তরঃ As much as I want

৮. Had I known in advance, I———enough money

উত্তরঃ would have taken 

৯. In Sweden, there are laws to decide whether a parent is legally fit to ——- a child

উত্তরঃ adopt 

১০. The reasoning in this editorial is so —— that we cannot see how anyone can be deceived by it.

উত্তরঃ specious 

Identity the word that is dissimilar than the rest of the words

১১. উত্তরঃ proportioned 

১২. উত্তরঃ Veracious 

১৩. উত্তরঃ dogmatic  

১৪. উত্তরঃ vilify 

১৫. উত্তরঃ edict 


Choose the pair that best expressos the relationship similar to the one expressed by the pair in the capital letters

১৬. উত্তরঃ Summary : Analysis

১৭. উত্তরঃ Misdeed : Penalty 

১৮. উত্তরঃ Armistice: Treaty  

১৯. উত্তরঃ Smell: Stench

২০. উত্তরঃ Peak : Climber 

বাংলা অংশ সমাধানঃ

২১. ”মজুর” শব্দের স্ত্রীবাচক শব্দ কোনটি? উত্তরঃ মজুরনী

২২. ঈষৎ আমিষ গন্ধ যার” এর এক কথায় প্রকাশ কি হবে? উত্তরঃ আঁষটে

২৩. বাংলার মিল্টন কোন কবির উপাধি? উত্তরঃ হেমচন্দ্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়

২৪. “নানী নাতি কে চাঁদ দেখাচ্ছেন” এ বাক্যে কোনটি প্রযোজ্য কর্তা? উত্তরঃ নাতি 

২৫. নিচের কোন শব্দে স্বভাবতই মূর্ধন্য -ষ হয়? উত্তরঃ ভাষা 

২৬. ”অর্ধেক” -সম্পত্তি এখানে অর্ধেক কোন পদ? উত্তরঃ বিশেষণ 

২৭. ”অরিকে দমন করে যে” এক কথায় প্রকাশ কি হবে? উত্তরঃ অরিন্দম

২৮. ”স্থ” যুক্তবর্ণে কি কি বর্ণ আছে? উত্তরঃ স + থ 

২৯. ”গবেষণা “ শব্দের সন্ধি বিচ্ছেদ কোনটি? উত্তরঃ গো + এষণা 

৩০. ”যা পূর্বে কখনো হয়নি” এর সঠিক বাক্য সংকোচন হল? উত্তরঃ অভূতপূর্ব  

৩১. “নির্মল” শব্দের বিপরীত শব্দ হলো? উত্তরঃ পঙ্কিল

৩২. বাংলা ব্যাকরণে পুরুষ কত প্রকার? উত্তরঃ ৩ (উত্তম, মধ্যম, প্রথম পুরুষ)  

৩৩. নিচের কোনটি যৌগিক শব্দ? উত্তরঃ কোনটি নয় (হস্তী ও গবেষণা রুঢি শব্দ আর পঙ্কজ ও জলধি যোগরূঢ় শব্দ) 

৩৪. ”তত্ত্ববোধিন “ পত্রিকার প্রকাশকাল কবে? উত্তরঃ ১৮৪৩ সালে 

৩৫. বাংলা ব্যাকরণের রূপ তত্ত্বের আলোচ্য বিষয় কোনটি? উত্তরঃ প্রত্যয় 

৩৬. ”অর্ধমৃত” সমাস এর সঠিক ব্যাসবাক্য কোনটি? উত্তরঃ অর্ধ রুপে মৃত 

৩৭. ”আনারস” কোন ভাষা থেকে আগত শব্দ? উত্তরঃ পর্তুগিজ 

৩৮. নিচের কোন শব্দটি শুদ্ধ? উত্তরঃ সম্ভবপর ( গড্ডালিকা=  গড্ডলিকা ,  দারিদ্রতা- দারিদ্য, বিদ্রুপ – বিদ্রূপ  হবে) 

৩৯. ”পত্রপাঠ” বাগধারার সঠিক অর্থ কোনটি? উত্তরঃ তৎক্ষণাৎ 

৪০. “Manifesto” শব্দের বাংলা পরিভাষা কোনটি? উত্তরঃ ইশতেহার 


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গণিত অংশ সমাধানঃ  

৪১. What is the area of the largest sphere that can be placed inside a cube of volume 216 cm?

উত্তরঃ 36π 

৪২. Two numbers are in the ratio 5:4 and their difference is 10. what is the smallest number

উত্তরঃ 40 

৪৩. How many litres of water must be evaporated from 50 litres of a 3% sugar solution to get a 5% sugar solution 

উত্তরঃ None 

৪৪. The average age of 16 members of a club is 22 . If the minimum age requirement for being a member is 19 years. What is the possible maximum range of the ages?  

উত্তরঃ  67 

৪৫. If the areas of a right triangle is 6 square metres and the hypotenuse is 5 meters. What is the perimeter of the triangle? 

উত্তরঃ None 

৪৬. Three partner shared their profit in a business in the ratio 9:7:5. They had a partnership for 7 months, 5 months and 14 months respectively. What was the ratio of their investment?

উত্তরঃ None 

৪৭. If the Average of 7 consecutive positive odd integers is P, then what is the average of next seven consecutive  odd integers in term of P?

উত্তরঃ P +14 

৪৮. Out of 120 students, 70% students passed in math and 80% students passed in English. If only 12 students failed in both subjects. How many students passed only in English?

উত্তরঃ 24 

৪৯. A pipe fills a tank p minutes and another Pipe  fills the tank q minutes. A different pipe makes the tank empty in r minutes.  If all these three pipes are opened then in  how many minutes the tank will be full?

উত্তরঃ Pqr/ qr +pr-pq 

৫০. A train travels 10 miles at a speed of 50 miles per hour . how fast must the train travel on the return trip if the round trip travel time in 20 minutes?

উত্তরঃ  75 miles/hour 

৫১. Sumon bought 2 varieties of rice, costing taka 8 per kg and taka 12 per kg each,  and mixed them in some ratio,  then he sold the mixture at taka 12 Per kg. Making a profit  of 20%. what was the ratio of the mixture?

উত্তরঃ 1:1 

৫২. A trapezium has a total area of 25 square feet.  if the height of this  trapezium is 2 feet and one of the two parallel sides is one foot that the other than. What is the length of the longer side?

উত্তরঃ 25 Feet 

৫৩. In a basket the ratio  of banana and apple is 3:2. It 5  bananas are removed from the basket then the ratio becomes 1:1.  how many apples were there in the basket?

উত্তরঃ 10

৫৪. How many 3 digit integers are multiple of 5?

উত্তরঃ 180 

৫৫. In a set ,  there are 17 consecutive integers with a maximum value of B. what is the average of the set?

উত্তরঃ 0 

৫৬.  If IX-11+3X, what is the value of  X?

উত্তরঃ -1

৫৭. Karim Traveled 60 miles from Dhaka to Gazipur at a certain speed.  if his speed per hour were 2 miles faster, he would need 1 hour less to reach Gazipur. What was his initial speed?

উত্তরঃ 10 miles per hour 

৫৮. The population of bacteria in an experiment  as only two in the first day.  If each day  the population increases by 3,  what will be the number of bacteria in 100th day? 

উত্তরঃ 299

৫৯. In a class of 60 students, 20 students like math, 25 students like English and 30 students like science. if 5 students like both Math and English, 7 students like both Math and science, 8 students like both English and science and 3 students like neither of this subjects, how many students like all of the three subjects? 

উত্তরঃ 5 

৬০. If a sum of taka invested amount to BDT 460 in 3 years and amounts to BDT  500 in 5 years then what is there invested sum in BDT?

উত্তরঃ 60 


সাধারণ জ্ঞান ও কম্পিউটার অংশ সমাধানঃ 

৬১. Organization of Islamic conference (OIC) was established in which year? উত্তরঃ None (September 25, 1969) 

৬২. Where is the headquarter of INTERPOL situated? উত্তরঃ  Lyon (France) 

৬৩. Which of the following is the largest tribe in terms of population in Bangladesh? উত্তরঃ Chakma

৬৪. In which section of constitution “equal rights of men and women in every sector” has been discussed? উত্তরঃ 28 Section 

৬৫. The River Karnaphuli coronavirus originated from a hill situated in? উত্তরঃ Mizoram (India) 

৬৬. The only agricultural based export processing zone of Bangladesh is situated in? উত্তরঃ Nilphamari 

৬৭. Bangladesh secured her first  one day international cricket series win against? উত্তরঃ Zimbabwe (2005) 

৬৮. Which of the following countries first give women the right to vote? উত্তরঃ New Zealand (1893) 

৬৯. Which of the following Arabic countries has signed agreements establishing diplomatic relations with Israel in 2020? উত্তরঃ United Arab Emirates

৭০. Peter Hendke,  winner of Nobel Prize in Literature in 2019  in a playwright poet and translator of which language? উত্তরঃ German

৭১. Machu Picchu is a symbol of which civilization? উত্তরঃ Inca 

৭২. According to the sustainable development goal (SDG)  index 2020 Bangladesh has rank? উত্তরঃ 109 

৭৩. Where is the largest Solar Power Plant of Bangladesh situated? উত্তরঃ None ( সঠিক উত্তর Teknaf’s Hnila (Cox’s Bazar)  

৭৪. After how many years Bangladesh Bank has reduced the bank rate to stimulate the economy? উত্তরঃ 17 Years 

৭৫. “Deal of the century” was announced by which country? উত্তরঃ United States of America  

৭৬. Recently in which of the following cities a large amount of Ammonium Nitrate exploded. causing damage and death? উত্তরঃ Beirut  (Lebanon

৭৭. In MS word which of the following shortcut keys are used for aligning text to centre? উত্তরঃ Ctrl + E 

৭৮. In MS PowerPoint which function key is the keyboard is used as a shortcut for starting  slideshow? উত্তরঃ F5 

৭৯. In Windows operating system which of the following shortcut keys are used for printing a word document? উত্তরঃ  Ctrl + P 

৮০. In a 64 bit microprocessor, the term 64 bit refers  to? উত্তরঃ  CPU internal register size 


Bangladesh Brides Authority Exam question full solution 2020



Bangladesh Brides Authority Exam question full solution 2020


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