Amazon forest fire increase CFC and destroy Global weather

Amazon forest fire increase CFC and destroy Global weather, G-7 meeting wants to take some steps to balance the global warm but world politics make it hard for them. So many issues make 7 countries politics so hot. Brexit issue is one of them but Immanuel Makho sys that in any way they try to fill up this loss of environment.

 Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is burning at a record rate. Only here Brazil people not affected this by this forest cause it’s the oxygen industry of the world. Oxygen industry of the world demolishes now so every country people need to planted trees to protect our world.

Amazon forest fire increase CFC and destroy Global weather

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Fire make warm Brazil and their Animal planet is going to hell,  Bolivia sends water plane to turn out the fire in Brazil. the forest affected by fire in 70/80 times in several places. 

The global environment is fallen a great problem for this fire. As soon as possible our need to control this fire to protecting our world environment. Man can do everything for alive so we can not fight shy of this great problem. Clorofloro Carbon (CFC) warm our global day by day so this fire is not good for us. Brazil can not control this fire so Europian Union want to left business agreement with them.

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